Xinke Protective registered brands

A trademark is a label used to distinguish the brand or service of an operator from the goods or services of other operators.

Xinke Protective has registered it's own brands ---FRECOTEX®, FRARCTEX®, FRDURATEX® at Europe& America market in 2009 and gained market share there.



FRECOTEX® has been produced with the most modern and innovative flame retardant chemicals.


FRARCTEX® provide excellent arc flash and flash fire protection, which meets the industrial washing standards AATCC135.


FRDURATEX® meets the industrial washing standards and Flammability durable in lifetime of the fabrics.
  • Xinke Protective
    Flame Resistant Shirts available in all colors,sizes,styles, Xinke Protective can be made in accordance with your requirements.
    Xinke Protective
  • Xinke Protective
    Flame Resistant Jackets create a strong outer layer to prevent all foreign objects from injure the human body
    Xinke Protective
  • Xinke Protective
    Professional and comfortable flame-retardant workwear to protect the safety of the human body.
    Xinke Protective

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